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It is very important to have a lot of friends - and I definitely do!!! 

I don´t care if my friends are dogs, cats, llamas, sheep, a tortoise, or bunnies - I love them all and we have a good time with each other! From time to time I will also show you how my friends and I get along! 



Oktober, 2020

Yllico´s neuer Freund Aykendu!                         Yllico´s new Friend Aykendu! 

May, 2020

Es ist wichtig, einen guten Polster zu haben!         It´s important to have a good pillow!

...und noch wichtiger, einen besten Freund zu haben!!!     ...and even more important, that it is your best friend!!! 

Jannuary, 2019

Meine beiden Schwarz-Nasen-Öhrchen!          My two Black-Nose-Ears in love!

Meine beiden Schwarzgesichtchen lieben sich          My two "Blackfaces" are always in love with each other, but as one
immer, aber als Sphinx, die 15 jährige Siamesin day Sphinx, our 15 year old Siamese Old Style, got an ear inflamation,
eine Ohreninfektion bekam, versuchte Yllico Yllico tried his best to comfort her!
 sein bestes um ihr zu helfen!

September,  2018

Zwei mit dunkler Maske.                                             Two with a dark face. 

Meine 15 jährige Thaikatze Sphinx und Yllico:                 My 15 year old Thaicat Sphinx and Yllico:
Ob sie sich wegen ihrer ähnlichen Maskenzeichnung If they are in love with each other, because they
 so sehr lieben? Jedenfalls ist Sphinx wahrscheinlich       look so similar in their face? I don´t know, but 

die sauberste Katze der Welt!                                         Sphinx is propably the cleanes cat on earth! 

Jannuary 2018

Today I will show you some of my Friends I actually met!

Well, I am an easy going guy and like everybody! On my walk I sometime pass a paddock, with a big brown lovely creature. I don't know his name, he does not speak my language, but sometimes we came so close to each other to give a kiss on our muzzles. That's nice! 

I also like to beg for treats, together with Peaches, one of my Bearded Collie friends - and of course we always get one - because who can resist the look of my beautiful eyes?

The Bunnies would be willing to share some of their food with me - but to be honest - most of this stuff the poor guys get I don't like! And when I say I don't like it, believe me it is very horrible! He I am a Pug and normally I eat everything you can swallow! 

One of my biggest Friend: a Bordeaux Mastif - sometimes it's really hard to convince her to wake up and play with me!

October 2017

Invited by my jumping friends in the "Bunnie House".

To be honest: Bunnies react somtimes very strange for me! I am always very good at moving slowly around between them, not to make them "jump" - but sometimes they hunt each other by themselve. Peaches & I watched very stunned...

October 2017

My Big Hairy Friends - Peaches & Jula.

Now I am 10 months old. In the morning we go out to the field to play with each other! And even they are much stronger than I, this does not mean that they will win the tagging game




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