Pug Fashion Week

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Pug Fashion Week.  

Depending on what I do, where I go, or how the weather is, I also do wear sometimes clothes. Funny ones, functual ones. My Mom loves it - and I don't care. For me everything is fun! If we do some funny shootings, you will find the postings over here!


Der Winter kann kommen!!!                                          Winter can start!!!  

Wer hat Angst vor der kalten Jahreszeit?                                    Who is afraid of the cold season?

Yllico bestimmt nicht - sein erster Winterpulli 2018                      Yllico definitely not! His first winter-pullover 2018
ist soeben angekommen!                                                                 arrived right in time!


Don't Mess with a Tiger!!!  



Pug goes Hip-Hop.  

That's my latest fashion archievment. Ain't I pretty hot?

One of the girls already felt for me! Literally speaking!!!

Pug Bag.  

That's my Pug Bag. If we go to a long hiking tour, or go up the mountain in a chairlift, I feel safe and cosy over here!


Dies ist eine kostenlose Homepage erstellt mit hPage.com.